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Reach Expats explains how, why and where local and international companies can use expat marketing to reach expats and turn them into valuable customers.

How to share Google Analytics custom reports

Ensure that your expat marketing efforts are getting the results you need when partnering with Reach Expats by studying Google Analytics custom reports. It’s an alternative to granting Google Analytics access, and it allows you to set up exactly what you’d like to...

How to grant access to Google Analytics

When working with Reach Expats as part of your company’s expat advertising strategy, we will need to access Google Analytics. Granting access to Google Analytics allows you to share your site data while letting others manage users and edit settings, depending on the...

Effective lead management in four steps 

Only through a good cooperation between marketing and sales, can you turn a stranger into a visitor, then a lead and ultimately a customer. In our last blog, we discussed that the marketing and sales department often misunderstand each other. Terminology and...


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