How to convert expat audience into clients

Via an effective sales funnel Reach Expats supports companies through the complete process, from finding the right audience to the final step: conversion to a client.


How to direct expats to your front door

We grow and deliver a quality audience to your landing page; ripe for conversion.


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Expatica measures and increases traffic activity, using, keyword checks, social media, SEO, vertical partner sites, analytics tools social media, SEO, EDMs and more.

Reach expats | Grow traffic
Revenue Creative helps you to set up an effective lead nurturing process of building relationships and focusing on leads that are not yet ready to buy, so that they remains engaged and progresses down the sales funnel.
Reach expats | Providing quality leads
Revenue Creative helps you to subsequently deliver a predictable and reliable amount of leads to sales, ultimately resulting in a concrete sales figure
Reach expats | Convert into clients

Helping you to reach expats

Why are expats an interesting audience to target? Here are the top 3 reasons:

  1. Expats arrive new in a country and need new services and products
  2. Their average income is high, twice as much as the average income of local citizen
  3. They are educated to a high level

How do our Audience find us?

We use content marketing to receive and grow traffic.
Since the start of building our Expat websites we have published factual information to provide Expats with the tools and services they need when preparing to move to a new country. This ranges from information about arranging a visa, to changing a driving license for a valid new license for an expat’s chosen new country of residence, how to open a bank account, the best way to find a house, and more.

We currently have over 160.000 live informative articles for our following of over 4 million monthly visitors.

Next to informing our audience, our goal is to direct them to the partners delivering the services or products they’re looking for. We help them our audience to find their way via intelligent links and so channeling the traffic to our partners.

Via intelligent links in published content we drive our traffic to the landing page(s) of our partners. We also use several other products to generate and increase an expat’s interest in your services. Some of these products are:

  • Database marketing
  • Newsletters by country
  • EDM – Electronic direct mailing
  • Profile targeting
  • Campaign optimization

We aim to connect expat’s with the right provider for them, and to put our partners in touch with their target audience; generating effective leads.

Helping you to convert expats







It all sounds good, but how does this fit your companies philosophy and approach? To answer this we have developed a best-pratice model.  Our model follows your client journey from start to finish, resulting in:

  • Common insight
  • Knowledge and understanding of tool
  • Easy to follow step by step process
  • Measurement of transition
  • The easy orkestration of different disciplines and suppliers

And, quite important, this model involves an already proven approach and has led to appealing results for our customers. Want to know more about it? Of course, we will explain our model and  approach, and we will answer all your respond to your wishes and specific situation.


Our portfolio

Reach expats | ABN AMRO


Reach Expats helped establish ABN AMRO as “The bank for expats” with multiple services and products for internationals.

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Reach expats | Erasmus University


Reach Expats supported Erasmus with the promotion of their services (relocation abroad and job assignment) to expat corporate executives and their expat spouses.

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Reach expats | ESPN America

ESPN America

Reach Expats supported ESPN America with increasing customer (American citizens in the Netherlands and France) awareness of their sports channel in Western Europe.

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