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Through targeted, high-quality content and a thorough understanding of the expat market, we can grow your audience and deliver expats directly to your door.

The Best Way to Target Expats

Find Expats

Expatica produces high-quality guides and articles targeting expats at every stage of their move, making us the go-to source for expat content.

Foster Community

Content and tools such as newsletters, social media and EDM spread the word, creating an expat community that’s waiting for more.

Direct Traffic

Expertly crafted native advertising directs organic traffic to sponsors, resulting in leads from expats with a real interest in your services.

Convert Into Clients

Customers that have read our articles and clicked on your links are ready for conversion – all you have to do is welcome them.

Why Expat Advertising?

1. Expats need help finding services.

Once they arrive in their new country, expats are on the hunt for accommodations, service providers and new products. They need help finding the right companies and facilities: with the right expat advertising, that can be you.

2. Expats are an affluent group.

Expats typically earn higher salaries than locals in the same country – about $100,000 per year, according to some surveys – making them particularly attractive as a customer base.

3. Expats are generally highly educated.

Highly educated consumers, who also typically have higher incomes, are more selective when choosing products or services. Considering that expats have shown to be very loyal customers – they’re less likely to abandon a brand – they are a coveted group for our clients.


Reach expats | ABN AMRO


Reach Expats helped establish ABN AMRO as “The bank for expats” with multiple services and products for internationals.

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Reach expats | Erasmus University RSM


Reach Expats supported Erasmus with the promotion of their services (relocation abroad and job assignment) to expat corporate executives and their expat spouses.

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Reach expats | ESPN America

ESPN America

Reach Expats supported ESPN America with increasing customer (American citizens in the Netherlands and France) awareness of their sports channel in Western Europe.

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