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    Whether fresh off the boat or long-time residents, expats are a very special audience that needs a million things.

    Your business can help them? We will connect you! Increase your visibility and sales with the international community thanks to Expatica‘s exclusive online business advertising and content marketing strategies.



    With 15 million yearly visitors, Expatica is a valued resource for new arrivals as well as seasoned expats. Operating in 15 countries, Expatica helps global and local businesses reach that expat community via our attractive, high quality, targeted content that includes news, informative guides, a local business directory – and much more.

    Expert advertising & content marketing

    Our expertise in online business advertising and content marketing helps you grow your audience and deliver expats directly to your door, while measuring your customers’ journey from click to conversion. Our rare vision is a marriage of love rather than convenience between the excellence of our editorial standards and the promises we make our partners.

    The result? We make everybody happy:

    • the expats who get all their questions answered,
    • and you, who benefit from the spotlight in our content.

    Our advertising options:

    Directory Listing

    Get featured in our comprehensive
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    Affiliate Marketing

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    Expats are a great market in any country. They are also a fast-growing audience: +2.5% per year since 2015.

    Internationals need trusted information and support to help them settle and thrive in their new home, on anything from finding accommodation or opening a bank account to enjoying the local culture and entertainment.

    Typically high earners with disposable income, expats are keen to find the best service providers and products when they relocate. With the right business advertising, this could be you.

    Why promote your business to expats?

    Why choose Expatica?

    Expatica has a proven track record of connecting expats and businesses through our unique online advertising and content marketing strategies. From our 20+ years of experience, we have learned two invaluable lessons:

    • that it’s best to exceed expectations rather than over-promise and under-deliver,
    • that our editorial and sales team must work together in harmony to deliver high-quality content while promoting our partners’ services intelligently.

    Our results speak for themselves: our website receives more than 15 million visitors per year, and our clients love that we so often deliver more than we promised.

    Our reputation and the quality of our services attract and satisfy our wide range of clients: international schools with a local flair such as Supreme College Nederland, pioneers such as Lemonade Insurance or N26 bank, and big-name global businesses including AXA, Cigna, HSBC and Hello Fresh.

    What Expatica delivers

    Thanks to our expertise in online business advertising, content marketing and search engine optimization (SEO), we help our partners maximize their reach to expats.

    With transparent and attractive pricing options, Expatica offers a full range of services that enables our clients to reach their target audience.

      You benefit from:

      • our expert, customizable content marketing plans
      • visibility on one of the most popular and trusted expat platforms
      • valuable backlinks on a website highly ranked by search engines
      • our tools that measure your customers’ journey from click to conversion
      • trustworthy personal customer service from our sales department