With our 20 years of experience, Expatica is now a household name for both expats settling abroad and businesses looking to reach expat communities. Our website provides all the information that internationals need about life in their new country, and we connect them to our partners through our expert online advertising and content marketing strategies.

Expatica at a glance

At Expatica, we understand that smart content marketing means that both our audience and our commercial partners are happy – then so are we! On one hand, our readers need trustworthy information, and on the other, our clients need visibility. We are experts at marrying the two and promoting your business to expats who require your services, without damaging our contents’ objectivity.

The reasons for our success?

content marketing for expats: 20 years of experience
content marketing for expats: 1M monthly visitors
  • 20 years of experience providing tailored content for global expats, reaching over 1 million unique visitors per month
  • operations in 15 expat-rich countries, with plans to expand to many more
  • high quality, factual and objective content that inspires strong trust among readers
  • expert SEO strategies resulting in high search engine rankings and authority
  • bespoke content marketing targeted at the expat community, ensuring that your business will increase its visibility
  • customisable media plans that offer transparent pricing and clear metrics, so that you can measure your reach from click to conversion
  • a social approach, promoting ethical and sustainable lifestyle options to our community of readers

Expatica’s audience

Our audience consists of millions of expats spanning across the globe (more than 15 million in 2021), with most readers located in the United States and Canada (25%), the United Kingdom (18%), Europe (54%), and India. They include both newcomers and settled expats of all ages and backgrounds. Our network of expat-related websites allows our partners the flexibility to target our entire expat audience in one go, or use targeted content marketing for expats within specific countries.

content marketing for uni educated expats
content marketing for high earning expats
content marketing for expats
content marketing for young expats

The Expatica audience is…

  • 82% university educated
  • high earning, with an average income of €87,000
  • typically young, with a median age of 28-37
  • 54% European, 25% American and 20% from the rest of the world

Expatica’s countries of operation

We currently operate in 15 countries across Europe, the Gulf and Africa, plus we have one global website where you can advertise your international business to expats worldwide. In 2020 we added four new countries (Austria, United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Saudi Arabia) to the Expatica family, and have more expansion plans for 2022 – until Expatica covers the entire globe.

Expatica’s global reach in numbers


Country Monthly visitors Number of articles Keywords ranking #1-3 Local Directory
Global 76,000 181 43 Click 
UAE 56,000 60 23 Click 
Austria 54,000 110 56 Click 
Belgium 110,000 138 84 Click 
Switzerland 155,000 151 63 Click 
Germany 149,000 141 44 Click 
Spain 195,000 146 68 Click 
France 206,000 141 68 Click 
Luxembourg 37,000 83 52 Click 
Netherlands 190,000 210 85 Click 
Portugal 135,000 102 63 Click 
Qatar 51,000 64 31 Click 
Russia 77,000 84 38 Click 
Saudi Arabia 59,000 50 22 Click 
UK 152,000 112 17 Click 
South Africa 75,000 94 36 Click 

Expatica’s content

Expatica publishes English-language guides, news and information aimed at helping expats settle and thrive in their new country. This content is easy to digest, well-researched and unbiased.

Alongside providing expats with the resources they need, our content marketing directs them to our partners offering the products and services that assist with their integration.

content marketing for expats

Our content consists of:

  • country guides – these essential ‘how to’ pieces give readers all the information they need in topic areas such as finance, employment, education, healthcare, and lifestyle
  • directory – our localized and categorized directories promote local businesses directly with each country’s expat community
  • job listings – we help match global talent to local employers with our local, always up-to-date ‘find a job’ pages
  • housing listings – in partnership with the biggest names in real estate, we connect expats to their future dream homes
  • quotes and comparison tools – we help expats choose between providers with easy quotes and comparison charts, for services such as health insurance
  • news – we provide daily news updates covering the main events in all of our countries of operation. The Guardian has referred to Expatica as providers of “excellent news and analysis”
  • dating sites – our matchmaking service covers 65 countries worldwide and helps newcomers meet singles and find love when moving abroad

Directory listing examples:

Content marketing: directory listing 1
Content marketing: directory listing 2
Content marketing: directory listing 3

Country guide examples:

Getting health insurance in Austria
International Schools in Switzerland
Setting up Utilities in Germany

Expatica’s marketing tools

Quality content marketing
Stats on content marketing

Expatica‘s approach to content marketing is unique.

First, our sales and editorial teams work in concert to safeguard the quality of our content, and optimize how we put our clients in the spotlight.

Second, we offer a full range of bespoke commercial options, along optimisation and tracking tools that together help our partners maximize their reach to expats.

The result is that we pride ourselves on not trying to seduce our clients with empty promises. However, our content marketing strategies, the quality of our content, and our expertise in search engine optimisation (SEO), mean that we consistently over-deliver.

You can choose to promote your business with us via three different types of partnership:

  • as a direct client
  • as a partner in our affiliate program
  • with a premium listing in our business directories
Expatica content marketing for expats

Direct clients

Guided by our dedicated sales manager who works closely with the editorial team, you will associate your brand with specific articles in chosen topic areas. All content will be pre-agreed to ensure it meets your requirements and to optimize your leads and conversions.

Our direct client content marketing includes:

  • sponsorship of individual articles and guides
  • strategically placed direct links to your own website within our content
  • display advertising banners
  • premium directory listings
  • social media campaigns

Affiliate programs

Get mentioned as a key provider within our informative articles with a direct link to your website. Our team will advise you on content marketing opportunities and will then analyse impact through our sales reports measuring click to conversion rates.

Directory listings

Feature in our country-specific business directories with a premium listing which includes:

  • a spotlight, top-of-the-page position in the directory
  • your company’s logo
  • your email and telephone number
  • an SEO-ready description of your services written by our specialists
  • links to your website and social media profiles

You can speak to our friendly sales team to discuss a tailored plan that best suits your needs. Our pricing is transparent and attractive, with agency discounts on offer.

Expatica’s results

Expatica has a proven track record of growing the audience of both local and global businesses by connecting them with expat communities.

Our expertise in content marketing for expats and in SEO means that being featured on the Expatica website is an invaluable asset to your company’s growth:

  • direct, high-volume exposure with your target market
  • brand recognition
  • highly valuable backlinks
  • boost in visibility in Google search rankings
  • improved credibility and trust from your customers

Our editorial and sales teams work closely with clients to put them in the spotlight for optimal leads. Packages are designed per campaign and allow you to reach an audience of over 15 million expats per year for as little as €8 CPM.

Big name companies we have worked with include:

We have also successfully partnered with many smaller local companies and startups, and love signing clients with sustainable or social goals including: