Case studies – ESPN



  • ESPN is an American cable television network focusing on sports.
  • Recently entered into Western European markets. UK operations launched in 2009.
  • ESPN’s Coverage: typical American professional and collegiate sports (NFL, MLB, NHL, NCAA), as well as European football, rugby and MMA events.
  • Started advertising with Expatica in August 2011.
  • Reason for a campaign targeting expats: reaching out to an audience familiar with the brand, longing for TV programmes from their home country and appreciating premium content.

Aim of the Campaign

  • Main goal: increasing awareness of the channel in Western Europe.
  • Target audience: American citizens in the Netherlands and France.
  • Promoting particular events like Superbowl or World Series, supported by a frequent change of creative.
  • On the back of the initial success, campaign expanded to Switzerland and Germany.

Campaign Features

  • Use of social media; everyone has an opinion about sports.
  • ESPN’s Facebook page utilised as the campaign landing page.
  • Inspiring discussions to create an emotional bond between ESPN and expats.
  • Staying in touch with the target audience even after the campaign end, through social media.


  • ESPN’s marketers in Germany, UK and the Netherlands satisfied with the buzz generated around various sporting events.
  • Number of Facebook fans increased significantly (main campaign KPI).
  • Client continues advertising with Expatica.


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