Case studies – ABN Amro




  • One of the largest banks in Europe.
  • Market for banking services fairly saturated; most consumers already have a bank account and new client acquisition is problematic.
  • Offers current accounts, savings, investments products, mortgages, loans, insurance tailored to expats’ needs.
  • Highly regarded for English-language communication and simpler procedures.
  • Client of Expatica since 2005.

Aim of the Campaign

  • Establishing ABN AMRO as the bank for expats.
  • Intense promotion to capitalise on the first entrant advantage: ABN first to launch tailored services for expats.
  • Targeting a growing group of potential customers, which all have a need for banking services and no current loyalties to any of the Dutch banks.
  • Promotion of multiple products.


  • Multi-channel branding effort: online campaign, print advertising and event sponsorship.
  • Premium placement by utilising for instance, wallpaper creative and channel sponsorships.
  • Employing video advertising.
  • Various banners for different products.
  • Maximum exposure during peak periods.
  • Message revolving around welcoming expats.


  • Dominant position as the preferred bank for internationals. Most expats advised to open an account specifically with ABN AMRO upon arrival.
  • Rapid growth in the number of clients.
  • International banking becoming one of the most profitable divisions.
  • Increased profit margins: expats have high disposable income and sophisticated needs.
  • High cross-selling rate: expats are more likely to use multiple products.


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