This article describes the input that the team of Expatica needs to receive of you for booking your marketing campaign at

Display banners

  • Sizes: 300×600, 728×90, 336×280, 310×72, 120×600, 160×600 px
  • Website banners can be anything static or moving banners, excluding flash, html5 and javascript banners
  • Tracking link to your landing page or website. If not provided, the homepage of the company website will be used,

Example: display banner with sizes 300×600

Facebook event

  • Publish the event first at your Facebook page and send us the direct link. We’ll ‘share’ the event at our Facebook Page.

Facebook Post

  • Short text (max 200 characters) and image with a minimum width of 476 pixels
  • Tracking link to your landing page or website. If not provided, the homepage of the company website will be used,

A-Z Premium listing profile

  • Name of Company
  • Address, postal code, city, country
  • Telephone (including country code)
  • E-mail
  • Company description (max 350 words):
  • Logo (jpeg, 150×110 px):
  • Tracking link to your landing page or website. If not provided, the homepage of the company website will be used,

EDM/Partner email campaign


  1. HTML Code and plain text: This should not exceed 1.5 scroll.
  2. Title of Mailing: The title will always start with Expatica Exclusive: _____ (Please choose a title that is neutral to avoid spam bots yet attractive enough to allow readers to open)
  3. Qualify HTML Code: Do not design your HTML in word and export it. This code is highly sloppy and will never get pass spam filters.
  4. Design text based HTML: Never design a HTML email that’s one big image, with little or no text. Since spam filters are not able to read images, html with big images normally will not go through.
  5. No CSS, Javascript: Most email clients will disable Javascript and will not be able to display any embedded plug in media. Thus, keep your html code as simple as possible. Any ‘essential’ CSS should be in-line as headers may be removed by receiving email platforms.
  6. Tables: All pages and formatting should be created with tables. DO NOT use Divs as these may be removed by the Email Receiving Platform.
  7. Background Images: Some of the main email platforms do not support background images, therefore their use should be carefully considered.
  8. Main Images: Please resize your images to the exact size you require. Some email platforms will ignore the image size information and will use the default/original size instead.
  9. Padding/Spacing: Padding and Spacing is variable between browsers. Some browsers will put in extra space, others will take out padding and space. Therefore the use of padding and space should be carefully considered.
  10. Fonts: All fonts should be ‘Websafe’, if the receiving email platforms does not recognize the text used, it will use the default font instead. (
  11. Carriage Returns in HTML: Website Designers often use Carriage Returns to break up the HTML and make it easier to understand. However some email platforms will interpret this as space in the email body
  12. Validate all HTML before completion: Check that all HTML has been correctly configured with good HTML Coding and Embedding. Whilst web browsers are often very forgiving, email platforms are not and will often throw out poor coding and errors.
  13. An UTM tracking url to campaign landing page or website should be provided. If not provided, the homepage url of the company website will be used,


  1. Avoid spammy content
  2. Go easy on the exclamations
  3. Avoid spam or hard-sell phrases like “Click here!” or “Once in a lifetime opportunity!”
  4. Neutral yet helpful content
  5. Keep the content of your direct mail informative and HELPFUL to your target audience: Expats. Think “What is in it for them?”
  6. Provide benefit to audience
  7. Your content should benefit the audience in a way. Communicate your benefits, advantages and offers clearly.
  8. Offers or exclusivity
  9. Giving limited offers or exclusivity does help in conversion rates.
  10. Advertise one and not all
  11. Be specific in your targeting. Sometimes advertising only one, rather than all of your products, work better in lessening confusion of the audience.

Subject line

  1. Neutral , Clear Title: Edit carefully your email newsletter subject line. This is one of the most sensitive areas. Please do not use ALL CAPS, the word “Free”, lots of white spaces. The best way to avoid any risk is to have a professional title that doesn’t use any catchy words.
  2. No CAPS: Avoid capitalization at all costs and you should have no problems with spam filters.
  3. Size: The file size of your email newsletter does matter to anti-spam filters. Keep message size between 20K and 50K. This is because the majority of spam emails weight-in most of the time at less than 20K.
  4. Width: Email width should be approx. 600px wide in order to show on Tablets and Smartphones.


One-minute social media video

The production process explained in 8 steps

  1. A meeting about to discuss the main topic of the video
  2. Expatica provides a concept script in text and sketches
  3. Client provided feedback
  4. Expatica produces the concept video
  5. Client provides feedback on the concept video
  6. Expatica produces the final video
  7. Expatica and client publish the video
  8. Expatica promotes the video