Ensure that your expat marketing efforts are getting the results you need when partnering with Reach Expats by studying Google Analytics custom reports. It’s an alternative to granting Google Analytics access, and it allows you to set up exactly what you’d like to share with Reach Expats.

If you would like Reach Expats to set up this report for you – free of charge – please grant us temporary Google Analytics access and let us know that you’d like us to create your custom report.

Step 1: Login to your Google Analytics account.

Go to “Customization” in the left tab and select “Custom Reports.”

Google Analytics custom reports step 1

Step 2: Choose New Custom Report.

Google Analytics custom reports step 2

Step 3: Enter the report information.

Title: Expatica Traffic Report [YOUR COMPANY NAME]*
Name: Number of users and goal conversions
Type: Flat Table
Dimensions: Source/Medium and Campaign
Metrics: Users and Goal Completions
Filter: Include, Source/Medium, regex Expatica
Views: All views associated with this account

*Replace this with your company’s name.

Once you have entered this information, click Save.

Google Analytics custom reports step 3

Step 4: Set the date of the report.

Set this to “Last month” in the report overview page.

Google Analytics custom reports step 4

Step 5: Share the report.

Enter the following information into the fields:

To: The e-mail address of your account manager at Expatica, e.g. steven.lips@expatica.com
Subject: Google Analytics Expatica Traffic Report [YOUR COMPANY NAME]
Attachments: Select PDF
Frequency: Monthly
Day of Month: 1st

Google Analytics custom reports step 5

Click Send to share the report with Reach Expats.

If you have any issues, questions or concerns about creating and sharing Google Analytics custom reports, contact us at advertise@reachexpats.com or give us a call at +31 23 512 8940.